Right to Life Association of WA agrees with the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth’s position on the new Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation.

On 11th December 2019, Catholic Archdiocese of Perth issued a statement regarding the Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation.

The Right to Life Association of WA is concerned with the passage of this bill into law. Whilst we accept it is now a part of Western Australian law, we believe that our position has not, and should not, change. We will still work to defend life, and we will still maintain our stance that life is precious, cannot be valued and is not ours to take from conception through to its natural end.

The Right to Life Association of WA is in complete agreement with the statement on Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation recently published by the office of Archbishop Timothy Costelloe. A copy of that statement is included here. We applaud the courage of the Perth diocese in maintaining its stance on the value of life.

Steve Klomp
Right to Life Association of WA