Set in concrete – bronze plaque appeal

Hi Everyone,

As you may be aware, we are installing new concrete steps at the front gate of our office. The idea is that two steps, rather than one, will make it easier for our more senior members to come to the front door. We are also taking the opportunity to install a soakwell for our downpipes and make various other improvements to the front yard, including new timber posts, a downpipe, a handrail, repairs to the gates and new lighting.

We are also planning to install some signage and of course we have the flagpole now with flags on the way.

What we are also planning to have two bronze plaques made that we can set into the new concrete steps.


They will be a permanent notice to the world. They will say who we are and what we stand for. They are, obviously, set in concrete. This permanence symbolises that we will not waver from our belief in and our defence of the sanctity of life from conception to its natural end. They symbolise the strength of our belief in Christian principles and particularly the gift of life.

The first plaque reads ‘Right to Life Association of Western Australia’. The second one, for the second step, is the pointing baby logo.

However, plaques do not come cheap. They will cost around $2600 in total and take four weeks to make in Melbourne – and there is no way the Association can justify spending that sort of money.

But you can.

If you feel as I do that this is an important statement to make to our secular world, please contribute what you can to the cost of the plaques.

Go to our website and click on the Donate button and follow the prompts, or simply put a cheque in the mail. Make sure you state plaque donation in the description. It would be great if we can raise the money as soon as possible; our visitors are getting tired of walking over sand to get to the verandah!