Rally for Life 2021

The 2021 Rally for Life the biggest yet!


Anouska Firth, Education Director of the Right to Life Association of WA addresses the crowd

The 2021 Rally for Life was held on the steps of Parliament House at 7PM on Wednesday 16th June – and it was easily the best and biggest one yet.

The crowd was conservatively estimated at 2000 people (physically attending) but allowing for those on the fringes the number may have been as high as 2500.

The Coalition for the Defence of Human Life who coordinated the Rally (the Right to Life Association of WA is a member) were originally concerned about attendance, given the problems associated with the Corona Virus, the cold weather and the fact that there was no rally last year, but their worries proved to be unfounded.

For the first time the rally was live streamed and it will also appear as a series of videos over the next few months.

Guest speakers included Senator Nic Goiran who spoke about children left to die after they have survived an abortion (by the way, in Victoria it is now illegal to assist a child who has survived an abortion; they are taken to another room and left until they die).

Anouska Firth, Education Director of the Australian Christians Party, gave a powerful personal address on her journey through abortion and drug addiction before finding Christ and forgiveness. It was a highlight of the evening.

Darryl Budge, President of CDHL and Maryka Groenwald, State Director of the Australian Christians Party, were the hosts for the evening. Prayers were said by Emeritus Archbishop Hickey and Marika Court from Victory Life Church.

Whilst this rally focused on the beginning of life, i.e. the prevention of abortion, the Right to Life Association of WA took the opportunity to introduce their Euthanasia Prevention Kit which will be launched in October (Euthanasia becomes legal in WA on July 1st this year).

Other speakers were Mr Dwight Randall from Life Ministries and immediate Past President of CDHL, and Dylan Twiss who led the crowd in a pledge to do all we can to defend life from conception to its natural end.

The rally was marked by the peacefulness of the crowd, their commitment to defending life and their refusal to condemn or judge anyone. There was a large contingent of youth in attendance. The police thanked the organisers for the smooth running of the event and were grateful at how well it proceeded despite the large number of people involved.

There were some sobering statistics on the number of children who die from abortion each year, and the crowd was told that whilst the safe access zone legislation would probably become law this year the Right to Life Association of WA would never stop fighting to change the hearts and minds of people on abortion.

Note: Pictures from the Rally will be progressively added to the RTLAWA website members area.