Stop the censorship of life

Ooh Media is pretty gutless for bowing to pressure and removing this billboard and the Transport Minister in NSW is speaking irrationally to call this billboard 'appalling'. It is a fact that a child's heart is beating at four weeks into gestation. It is a fact it is a child that is growing in its mother's womb. This is not appalling. It is amazing! And wonderful! Why is it so hard to accept these facts? Are we trying to convince ourselves that crimes against this child are OK? Your child is innocent of any crime. It is a human life we have no right to kill. It doesn't matter if the child is sick, or if there are financial pressures on the family or if we don't like Dad, or if a child will affect our career. We must always protect this child. No matter what. We must live in a culture of life, not a culture of death.