Let Tafida Live! The 'state' has no right to end a child's life

Tafida Raqeeb is a five year old little girl who has been in a deep coma for a few months following a bleed on the brain. Now, UK doctors want to end her life, even though she is not considered brain dead. The doctors will not even allow her parents the freedom to take her to another hospital for treatment.

Until a few months ago, Tafida Raqeeb was a healthy 4 year old child with a bubbly, happy, and friendly nature. According to her parents, she touched the hearts of everyone she met. Tragedy struck on the evening of February 9th, when little Tafida was suddenly rushed to hospital after she fell unconscious after suffering a ruptured arteriovenous malformation (AVM), in her brain which caused a bleed and sent her into cardiac and respiratory arrest.

Following extensive brain surgery at King’s College hospital, doctors informed her parents that she was brain dead and to consider making preparations for her funeral. A brain stem test indicated that Tafida did not meet the qualification of ‘brain death’ as she made gasping movements and therefore could not be removed from the ventilator.

The family sought advice from a number of independent neurosurgeons one of whom diagnosed Tafida as being in a deep coma, a fact of which they had not previously been made aware. A senior neurologist assessed Tafida and informed her parents that she was beginning to emerge from a deep coma and needed to be given time to recover - a process that could take up to a year.

In the aftermath of the initial brain stem test the medical team treating Tafida met with her family many times in order to suggest end of life care, which they refused. The subject was then dropped. Over the next two months Tafida’s family began to notice some small signs of improvement in her condition, such as her opening her eyes and beginning to move her limbs.

Tafida was then transferred to the Royal London Hospital where it was confirmed that she would be given a tracheostomy, which is standard care, and that there was the potential for her to go home where her recovery could continue.

In the intervening months, Tafida has suffered a number of setbacks and her parents have been informed a number of times to prepare for her death, but she has fought back every single time, surviving an initial critical period where her death was thought inevitable and three further surgeries.

A few weeks ago Tafida’s parents were given half an hour’s notice of a meeting with her medical team where they were informed that the doctors intended to take measures to end her life and that if they did not agree they would be taken to court.

Two experts from the Gaslini children’s hospital in Genoa have stated that they are willing to treat Tafida and that she would not qualify to be removed from life support as she is not brain dead. The Royal London hospital refuses to concede that there is any hope for her, despite the fact that she is able to swallow and reacts to pain.

The state does not own our children and our overstretched NHS should not be wasting precious resources in the form of sky-high legal fees. They should let Tafida go.

No parent ought to be in the situation of having to fight the state for the right for their child to receive privately-funded life-saving treatment. It is only fair that this little girl ought to be given the chance to make a recovery. Just because one hospital does not want to treat her, it does not give them the right to prevent other medics from helping her. Tell the Royal London hospital to release Tafida and give this gorgeous little girl a shot at a life.

From our President: Let Tafida Live! The 'state' has no right to end a child's life. The state does not own our children. This little girl is in a coma, she is not brain dead. Tafida should be given EVERY POSSIBLE chance to recover. Killing a child is never an option, even if we think her chances are slim, even if we find it convenient, even if saving her life is expensive. We must live in a culture of life, not a culture of death.

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